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Tattoo Transparent Bandage - 3 Size Opts

Tattoo Transparent Bandage - 3 Size Opts

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  • 【Not Need Scissors Anymore!】Newest safe use & convenient cut strip designed. Sticking the slid cut strip and sliding it, a piece of bandage in the size finish. Not afraid of losing, at any time to accurately position. With a simple stroke of the hand, you get what you want.
  • 【Protect Tattoo Colors, Lines, And Clarity】Keeps tattoo clean, non-polluting, and shields the skin from further clothes' friction or scrubbing, it perfectly avoids indistinct lines and color due to the external environment. This Tattoo Film Dressing locks in moisture and supports the ink set better during the healing process, tattoos look fresh and vibrant.
  • 【Breathability & Translucent】 YOKACOS tattoo aftercare wrap(6*79in) helps enhance skin breathability instead of a bad confined space like other bandages. Wrap protection is thin, clear, and has no bearing on the skin, you can see the beautiful artwork situation and display it.
  • 【Waterproof For Active Lifestyles】: Don't let water ruin your new tattoo! Patch High-grade flexible & excellent sticky & waterproof tattoo bandage to your skin that it won't be torn off with your movements. Your precious tattoo is worth being better protected under a workout or shower.
  • 【Versatile Use】: YOKACOS soft tattoo second skin is made of high-quality 3 layers composed, including PU film, pressure-sensitive glue, and release paper. Designs for easy cutting and applying to fit safely on your arms, back, legs, or any area.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Melanie I
Best way for tattoo care

I love using this for tattoos - you simply place this on the tattoo for the first 24 hours and then replace. After that you can keep it on until it either begins seeping from the edges or for 5 days, whichever comes first. It's a great way to keep a tattoo clean while it is healing. Fantastic for hard to reach areas. I love that this is on a roll so you can cut it to fit whatever size you need.

Good Price, Helps Promote Healing

I still will use scissors when cutting the bandage because a) the cutter is not great and b) I can cut my material to size and not waste it by using too much bandage. This is comparable to your name brand tegaderm. What you may not know is that you want to give an alcohol rub down on the tattoo prior to applying said strip. You apply it and forget about it for 7 days and then replace it with another if you find that you still need more healing time. I love this tape because I can simply avoid the itch or getting ink on my sheets at night. It makes for a great barrier to help tattoos heal faster without the mess.

DeAnna Weary
Short length

Only about 4-5 inches in length, so it doesn’t cover a large tattoo with one strip. Sticky adhesive. Easy to apply. Stayed in place through bath for
Two nights. Will definitely buy again!

Cindy Crossland

Wry easy to use. Cuts easily. Protects whatever is under it. Let’s the wound breath but keeps out contaminants. Removes easily without any residue.

Economical option for tatoo aftercare easy to use

This is a reasonable option for tattoo aftercare. It is generously sized to cover a larger tattoo. It is easy to use. Wraps and conforms perfectly and does not stick when removing.